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What types of licensing options are available with Tessell for SQL Server
What types of licensing options are available with Tessell for SQL Server

Wondering how will SQL Server licensing work with Tessell? Start here.

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Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
In this licensing model, you can use your existing Microsoft SQL Server licenses to run SQL Server deployments on Tessell. Ensure that you have the appropriate Microsoft SQL Server license (with Software Update License and Support) for the DB service compute class and database edition (Enterprise Edition & Standard Edition) you wish to run under this licensing model. You must also follow Microsoft policies for licensing MS SQL Server Database software in the cloud computing environment, either on AWS or Azure. When licensing individual virtual machines (VMs), the SQL Server 2019 licensing guide states, “To license individual VMs using the Per Core model, customers must purchase a core license for each v-core (or virtual processor, virtual CPU, or virtual thread) allocated to the VM, subject to a four-core license minimum per VM.” The SQL Server 2019 Licensing Guide defines a virtual core as “the virtual representation of one or more hardware threads.” SQL Server licenses are sold by Microsoft in 2-core packs. This is only for guidance. Please refer to the latest updated Licensing guide from Microsoft Reference:

Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Guide:

Microsoft SQL Server Datasheet:

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