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How do I migrate my on-premise Oracle database to Tessell?
How do I migrate my on-premise Oracle database to Tessell?

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There are multiple ways to migrate the on-premise Oracle database to Tessell, based on downtime availability, size of the database, and database edition.

Oracle Standard Edition

  1. Tessell uses the native RMAN utility to back up the on-premise database and restore the same on the Tessell platform. Initially, a full backup of the database is restored. Then, incremental logs are applied to bring the database in sync with the source.

  2. If databases are smaller in size, then Tessell exports or imports the functionality to restore databases on the Tessell platform.

Oracle Enterprise Edition

  1. Tessell configures Oracle Data Guard between on-premise and the Tessell DB service and enables replication. Once the databases are in sync, based on customer approval, Tessell support performs a planned switchover to make the Tessell DB service as the primary.

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