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Does Tessell support DB Links?
Does Tessell support DB Links?
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Yes, Azure Tessell for Oracle supports creating and using database links (dblinks) to connect to remote Oracle databases.
You can create a database link in your Oracle database instance using the standard Oracle SQL syntax, just like you would in a regular Oracle database. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:
The remote Oracle database must be accessible from your Tessell instance over the network.
You must have the necessary permissions to create and use database links in both the Tessell instance and the remote database.
You need to use the correct syntax for the database link to reference the remote database.
Also, keep in mind that using database links can have performance implications, particularly if you are using them for queries that involve large amounts of data. It's important to test your application thoroughly and monitor performance when using database links in Tessell for Oracle.

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