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What is Tessell and how does it work?
What is Tessell and how does it work?

Learn basics about Tessell DBaaS

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Tessell is a database-as-a-service platform that makes it easy to set up, manage, secure, and scale relational databases in the cloud, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. Tessell also provides a managed service for event processing systems such as Kafka. Tessell provides a multi-cloud architecture that is both exceptionally high-performing and secure yet incorporates an intuitive, consumer-grade simplicity.

Along with the one-click simplicity of creating a service of your choice of engine on your choice of cloud, you will enjoy the following features and differentiation with Tessell.

  • Eliminate IOPS Metering
    10X performance at a fractional cost.

  • Availability Machine
    Backups. Dumps. Anonymized Data. Policy-driven, controlled, and secure data sharing.

  • Dataflix
    Netflix for your data. Netflix for your information. Simple and elegant data browsing and consumption.

  • Governance @ your terms
    Granular level control for standardizing your database estate with an ability to deploy in customer-managed VPC.

  • Utility-like Consumption
    Usage-based billing. You can STOP and START your services according to the requirements at set schedules.

  • Unparalleled Security
    Host the services in your own cloud accounts, and establish zero-trust security by sharing only masked data with other users.

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