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Which parameters make up Tessell’s password policy?
Which parameters make up Tessell’s password policy?

Granular password policy

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All out-of-the-box password templates include the following rules:



Default value

Password Lifetime

The period of time for which a password is intended to be used before it is changed. Best practice is to change passwords regularly to help protect against unauthorized access to accounts and prevent attackers from using stolen or guessed passwords to gain access to sensitive information.

90 days

Maximum invalid login attempts

3 times

Lockout Time

The period of time for which a user's account is locked after a certain number of failed login attempts. This is a security measure to prevent attackers from guessing a user's password through repeated attempts. A user's account may be locked for a specific period of time, after which the user can try to log in again.

180 seconds

Fail Interval

The period of time (in seconds) for which a lockout is enforced in case a user exhausts all valid attempts to log in.

86400 sec

Password Reset By

Tenant or OTP

Minimum Password Length

The maximum length of a password that a user is allowed to enter.

12 characters

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