All cloud vendors (e.g., Lsv3 on Azure, i4i/i3en on AWS, N2 on GCP) provide high-performance infrastructure. However, current DBaaS offerings from cloud vendors are simple wrappers on storage infrastructure (e.g., AWS/EBS, Azure Managed Disks), leveraging snapshot and other capabilities. As a result, these DBaaS offerings are not designed to leverage high-performance NVMe storage-based infrastructure, unless they are completely rearchitected.

Tessell’s innovation (patent pending) is to convert this high-performance compute and local storage into durable, persistent cloud storage. To top it off, we leverage native database technologies to turn this into a “zero data loss” infrastructure that can offer app-consistent DB snapshots and RPOs to the last committed transactions. As a result, Tessell offers comparatively high IOPS that leads to 10x performance, along with the durability and availability capabilities needed for “data” infrastructure. For more detailed information on our architecture, please reach out to us.

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