Tessell offers a range of deployment options for your databases. You can choose your preferred deployment option during account creation.

Each database service managed by Tessell is always hosted in one or more dedicated VMs. Two database services will never share a VM.

A. Data Plane Hosted @ Tessell

This is a fully-hosted and managed model (à la Snowflake). All the database services are hosted in Tessell’s account in the cloud of your choice.

1. Professional Edition

Ideal for early-stage startups, solopreneurs, developers, and students.

2. Business Edition

Ideal for small-medium enterprises.

Dedicated control plane with a custom domain name.

Ability to create multiple networks to segregate databases.

3. Virtual Private Tessell (VPT)

Ideal for large enterprises.

Dedicated cloud account for your data infrastructure. No other tenant’s database services will share this account.

Option to use dedicated servers and instances.

B. Data Plane Hosted @ Customer

The database services will be hosted in the customer’s cloud account (à la Databricks) while Tessell will provide a managed service.

1. Virtual Private Tessell (VPT) @ Customer

Ideal for governments and large enterprises with stringent data compliance concerns

Bring your own cloud accounts, networks, and security policies.

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