You can provision new services at any time by launching the Provisioning app, available in the Database Services family.

It’s a multi-step interactive wizard that asks you for bite-sized information at each step. You can see an outline of all the steps in the summary section on the right-hand side. All the inputs in each have a default value, which you can see at any time by expanding the corresponding section outline. You can quickly create a database with one click by using the button present below the summary section. The estimated monthly cost for the service is also shown just above the summary section.

If you’d prefer, you can navigate all the steps and change any input as necessary. A provisioning guide is always available at your disposal in the resource center, located in the bottom right corner. Below are the steps in the provisioning GUI.

  • Engine. Choose the engine and software version of your choice.

  • Cloud. Choose the cloud and the region of your choice.

  • Compute. Choose between high-performance and standard compute shapes.

  • Network. Configure the connectivity for your service.

  • Service Configuration. Set a password and configure other engine-specific parameters.

  • High Availability. Choose if you want a Multi-AZ highly available service.

  • Maintenance. Provide your preferred maintenance window and opt-in for automatic updates.

  • SLA. Choose the RPO SLA for your service, and provide your preferred backup window.

All this can be accomplished by calling a simple API instead of going to the GUI. See “How to use Tessell’s API and use it to support your production use cases?

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