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Create a highly available database service with Tessell
Create a highly available database service with Tessell
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High Availability configuration

In the section, you will set up the high-availability Multi-AZ configuration for your Tessell PostgreSQL database service. Then you will simulate a failover event to see how it performs.

Create an HA cluster

To provision a High Availability cluster, select the following option on Multi-AZ deployment while provisioning the database.

Connect to different service and instance-specific endpoints

  • Connect to specific instance endpoints of a database service.

  • Go to the Instances tab to get service endpoints for instances.

You can use the service URL in your connection string or configuration when you want to connect to a specific Tessell-managed database instance. The service URL ensures that your connection is directed to the correct database instance.

  • Use this endpoint to connect to specific instances

Automatic Failover

If your primary instance becomes unresponsive, Tessell automatically switches to serving data from a standby instance. During failover, the new primary continues serving data even when the original primary comes back online to avoid another outage for the application.

Manual Switchover

Tessell PostgreSQL does provide you with the option to simulate A-Z failure and High Availability by offering the option of Switchover in the Tessell console.

Before the Switchover

Go to Instances, Click on the Switch Over Tab, and it will redirect you to the Switch Over to an Instance window.

Select the instance you want to switch over to and add a comment about the action you are performing if you wish to.

Click on Switchover Operation to view the status of the action performed.

Switchover operation is in progress. This usually takes a few seconds to a minute.

Switchover in the ready state.

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