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How to switch over to DR upon failure?
How to switch over to DR upon failure?
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Once the primary site is down due to regional failover, Service will be in degraded state

This document covers steps to switch over to DR Site and to set up another DR site.

Step-by-Step Guide

Tessell Service depicted here has HA + DR(in another region) setup

After Primary Site Region Failure, Service goes into a Degraded state

Perform Manual Failover to the DR Instance

  • Choose the specific service for which you intend to do manual failover within the My Services App. Then, proceed to the Instances Tab designated for that particular service.

  • Select the Switchover Option on the top right side.

  • A pop-up opens up. Select the Manual Switchover Option to DR Instance.

  • Once the switchover is done, the DR instance becomes the new primary instance. Service is still in Degraded State.

Transition the service to a Ready state by deleting the old primary Instances

  • Select the three-dot option next to the instance you intend to delete, and choose the "Delete" option from the list.

  • Confirm your delete choice in the popup

  • Delete all such instances. Once all instances have been deleted, the service status changes to Ready

Create a DR instance for the new primary in another region

  • Click the "Create Replica" button located at the top right corner of the Instances section, and then select the "Disaster Recovery" option.

  • Provide the following details as input for the DR Instance:

    • Instance Name

    • Region and Availability Zone

    • VPC in which DR will be deployed

  • Final Service Layout after the DR node is provisioned

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